0201. Do you know that the worst way I can miss you is not when you're far away? It's when you're right beside me yet I know I can never have you. Because I'm simply watching you fall for someone else.

0202. I sometimes wish I could be like you cause you have this ability to get close to people whom you really have no intention of being close to only to push them away. But then I remember, I could never be like you. I have a heart.

0203. Don’t ever give up if you still want to try. Don’t ever wipe your tears if you still want to cry. Don’t ever settle for an answer if you still want to know. Don’t ever say you don’t love him if you can’t let him go.

0204. How can I forget you when you’re always on my mind? How can I not want you when you’re all I want inside? How can I let you go when I can’t see us apart? How can I not love you when you control my heart?

0205. No matter how many tears I've cried, you’re still not there. No matter how sweet my smile was, you still didn't care. No matter how much affection I show, I’m still at the dark. No matter how much I love you, you still broke my heart.

0206. I’m not saying there wasn’t anything wrong, I just didn’t think you’d ever get tired of me. I’m not saying we never had the right to hold on. I just didn’t wanna let it get away from me.

0207. When I said “go”, I wasn't pushing you away but setting you free. When I said “enough”, I haven't given up, I just needed a break. When I said “goodbye”, I didn't mean farewell. But what could I do? You were gone before I could say “come back”.

0208. You said you didn’t want to see me get hurt. Does that mean you closed your eyes when I cried?

0209. I see him but he sees past me. I look in his eyes but he looks around me. Does he know what I see when he stares through me? I see him and I can't help watching him not watching me.

0210. Have you ever hated somebody so much that you wished they would just leave and never come back and yet loved them so much you knew you'd die if they did?

0211. Days continue to pass, stars continue to shine. Why do I have tears in my eyes today when he was never mine?

0212. There are only two things I regret doing. Loving the guy who didn’t love me and forgetting the one who did.

0213. When I see a star, I remember you and I cry. Why? Cause I was under that star when I wished for you, I was under that star when I had you and I was under that star when you wished you had her too.

0214. You loved me but I never knew. You told me about that feeling but I never believed in you. You were about to leave and say goodbye when I stopped you and said, “I made a mistake.” You replied, “And so did I.”

0215. Whoever said it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all must not have had their heart broken.

0216. When I saw you with her, I told myself, “So what?” When I saw you holding her hand, I told myself, "I don’t care!” When I saw you playing with her hair, I said, “Whatever!” Who am I kidding? All those things you were doing to her until now, I'm still missing.

0217. Why does the sun go shining? Why does the ocean run to shore? Don’t they know it’s the end of the world now? It’s the end of the world cause you don’t love me anymore.

0218. I tried so much to tell you I love you but I couldn't find the courage to. I thought there was still time but then I saw you in her arms. I realized I should've told you. Now you can't be mine.

0219. It hurts so much to know that I have fallen for someone who would just leave me hanging in the air. Why? Cause I closed my eyes from the reality that you never really loved me, you just cared.

0220. Someday you’ll find the one you’re looking for, the one who would love you completely. Someday you’ll find the one whom you’re destined with. And I’d be left wondering why that person isn’t me.

0221. The rain is turning out to be in perfect sync with my mood now that you’re standing next to me and talking about her. I just thank God you can’t differentiate the tears from the raindrops on my face.

0222. I regret the day I didn’t call you back. I regret the day I didn’t ask you out. I regret the day I had hurt you and I regret the day you said goodbye. I wish you never left me and stayed by my side. But of all the things I regret, it’s the fact that I never got the chance to make you mine.

0223. I like you, don’t you know? I care for you, don’t you know? I love you, don’t you know? How stupid of me to ask you these questions! Of course, you don’t! How would you know I like you, care for you and love you when you’re busy loving someone else?

0224. Do you recall the day I met you, the day I said hello, the day I held your hand, hugged you and kissed you? Do you remember the day I broke your heart? I bet you don’t cause it was you who broke mine.

0225. Lord, let me accept the fact that this is the farthest that I can get, the closest I could be and the clearest that I shall see and that no matter what I do, I can never make him love me too.

0226. I can’t tell you I love you cause it doesn’t seem right. If I tell you those words, I might just give you a fright. If you think I’m kidding, you’re really wrong. I just can’t tell you I love you if it’s to someone’s heart you belong.

0227. After tonight, as it all ends, will we end up just as friends? After tonight, as you leave my side, will you cry like I do till the tears subside? After tonight, as you tell me we’re through, will you ever realize I still love you?

0228. Can you hold me just for a second? Cause I miss the way you do. Can we be together for one more minute? Cause I can’t live without you. Please say you miss me like I do cause I’m missing you more than I expected to.

0229. I wonder if you still care about me. I often wonder if I still make you happy. I wonder if I’m right for you. I wonder if you still love me. Under your smile, your sadness shows. And I wonder if I have to let you go.

0230. Everyone tells me to give up on you but they don’t see you like I do. You are the one who broke my heart, you’re the reason my world fell apart, you’re the one who made me cry yet I still love you and I don’t know why.

0231. The times you needed someone to understand, I wasn’t there. The times you cried, I wasn’t there. Why? Because you looked the other way and you didn’t see me. But you know what? I was just beside you, waiting for you to call for me.

0232. Have you ever wondered why looking at your crush hurts you inside instead of making you happy? Cause you know that it will always be that way. You looking and him not knowing.

0233. Stupid. I know I am, it’s true. Stupid to fall for someone who can’t love me too. Stupid. I am, I don’t know what to do. Stupid! Stupid! That’s what I am to few. It’s sad to know that I’m stupid because of you.

0234. It was so stupid of me to make you wait, so insensitive of me to make fun of your feelings for me. I know you were hurt. So was I. But I couldn’t tell you how I felt cause there was someone else who owned me.

0235. If ever I say goodbye, that doesn’t mean I love you no more. It means I want you to be much happier. And if ever I’d cry, it’s not only because I lost you but also because I lost my life.

0236. I wish you didn’t ignore me when I showed you how special you are to me. I wish you listened when I told you how much I care. I wish you never let me go just when I was starting to fall for you.

0237. I’ve gotten tired of running after you, my eyes swollen from crying over you, my heart sick of loving you. But please don’t tell me you’re loving me now, now that I’m almost over you.

0238. You broke my heart but still, I took the pain. You pushed me away but still, I waited until I went insane. I damn cried but you just looked away. I told you I love you but still you didn’t stay.

0239. She breaks your heart, she knows your flaws, she’ll do anything to make you fall. She hurts you so badly but you’re too blind to see that while she’s hurting you, I’m here loving thee.

0240. What if I leave you, will you come with me? If one day I go and never come back, will you still look for me? If one day you hear I’m dead, will you still cry for me? But what if this one day never happens, will you still care for me?

0241. You walked into my life through an open door then you left, closing that door and opening another. Now I’m wondering how many more doors I need to go through till I open the one that leads me back to you.

0242. I have come to realize that destiny can hurt a person as much as it can bless then I found myself wondering why out of all the people I could have loved, I had to fall for someone destined to be taken away from me.

0243. Why do I want you back? Why can’t I hate you? Why can’t I let go of your memories? Why do I find it hard to forget you? So many why’s but the most unanswered why is why do I still love you even after you’ve said goodbye?

0244. It hurts to see the one I love move on while I can’t even let go. It hurts to see the one I love happy while I can’t even smile. There’s nothing I could say nor I can do. I guess if you’re happy then I’m happy for you.

0245. I was willing to give you everything I had, I was willing to love you completely and I was willing to fight for you. But still, I had to let you go cause even though I was willing to do everything for you, you weren’t.

0246. What do you think of me, a damn fool who wouldn’t mind getting hurt? I’m human and I can feel pain. Think of what you do cause I have feelings too. Please don’t show me you’re loving someone new.

0247. On the day I fell for you, I did almost everything for you just to prove that you’re special to me. But it also came to the point that I have to give up and say, “I’ve done my part.”

0248. When you said goodbye, you told me it’s because you don’t want to hurt me someday. How I wish that before you did you thought that maybe, just maybe, I would have preferred to be hurt.

0249. I’m down on my knees praying that you’ll love him better than I did, down on my knees begging the Lord to tell you to take care of him. I loved that guy so much I hope you will too. Cause to tell you honestly, we broke up because he’s very in love with you.

0250. I remember the moment when you asked me to let you go, you were slowly fading away. I asked, “Wasn’t my love good enough?” Then you turned around and said, “No, it was too much.”

0251. My friends are finally happy that I have experienced how it is to love but I’m not. Why? Cause when I finally learned to love, my heart chose the one who couldn’t love me back.

0252. You led me into believing that you love me. When I finally fell for you, you already found someone new. Now I’m having a hard time letting my feelings go cause I loved you without letting you know.

0253. You didn’t hear me say the words “I love you”. You felt me giving pain to you. You saw me not being true to you. You even saw me through the darkest shades of black and blue. But what if I tell you that it has always been you?

0254. People say that I have loved you my best. They say that my best was more than enough than what I could have offered and given you. I proved to the world how I sincerely love you, I proved to them how much I really do. The only thing is I failed to prove it to you.

0255. Maybe it’s time for me to stop thinking of you, maybe it's time for me to stop waiting for nothing, maybe it's time for me to stop holding on. Why? Because I know you already stopped loving me long before it ended.

0256. I don’t know why I'm so afraid to lose you when you’re not even mine. I don’t know why I care for you when you don’t even love me. I don’t know why you’re the one when I'm just nobody to you.

0257. Have you ever loved only to let him go? Have you ever hated someone and yet love him so? Have you ever missed someone so bad it made you cry? Have you ever been left without knowing why?

0258. Loving you made me strong but it also made me weak. It made me happy but also depressed. It helped me up but also pulled me down. It taught me how to hold on but now it's teaching me how to let go.

0259. It’s hard to let go of someone you thought you love. But you know what? It would be harder for that someone to expect and hope that there would be more not knowing that all you can think of is how to let him go.

0260. We can never just walk up to a guy and say, “Love me the way I want to be loved.” We have to wait for him to do it his own way, at his own time. That’s the saddest part of being a girl.

0261. Aren’t you going to tell me something before it’s too late for you to? Aren’t you going to play a song and let me sing it for you? Aren’t you going to hold my hand and let me know what’s inside you? Aren’t you going to tell me you love me or do you want me to do it for you?

0262. If loving means being loved then I do not love enough. If loving means being special then I have barely loved. But if loving means getting hurt then I love too much.

0263. I tried to say I love you but you didn’t care. I wanted to tell you but I couldn’t dare. You told me you love somebody and I was there to smile. But deep inside, can’t you see? I damn cried.

0264. Don’t come close if later you’ll just pass by. Don’t smile if later you’ll just make me cry. Don’t touch me if later you’ll just walk away. Don’t love me if later you’ll just leave and won’t stay.

0265. I wish I can tell you I love you just to let you know I care, just to let you know I’ll always be there. I love you so much, you see? I guess that’s why it hurts to know how much you love her, not me.

0266. No farewell words were said, no time to say goodbye. He was gone before I knew it and only God knows why. My heart still aches and tears still flow. What it meant to lose him, no one will ever know.

0267. Sometimes I wish I'm different. Sometimes I wish I'm more than what I am right now. You know why? Cause maybe if that happens, the person I love will learn to like me, to care for me, to love me. I just wish you would.

0268. When you love a person very much, even though you're already experiencing pain, you just can't let go. But sometimes, the heart gets really tired and the mind insists to let go cause the heart can't take it anymore.

0269. You're so far away yet right in my heart. I don't understand it, why are we apart? I love you more than you will know but I guess it's not meant to be. I just don't understand it, why can't you love me?

0270. You said you loved me but you lied. You said you wouldn't hurt me but you did. I said I loved you, I did and still do. I said I wouldn't hurt you, I didn't. So why did you?

0271. Great, isn't it, how I can think about you for hours? Great, isn't it, how I could talk to you all day? Great, isn't it, how I want to be with you all the time? Great, isn't it, how I care about you so much? Great, isn't it, how I can feel all these things when you don't feel the same? Terrible, isn't it, how all these great things only bring me tears and pain?

0272. When my nights were too lonely, my road was too long and the only one that would hold me wasn't all that strong, I looked ahead and said, “Don't hurt me.” I looked back and said, “Goodbye.” There isn't much that I can do besides turn away and cry.

0273. Here I am, standing next to you, loving you the best way I can, giving you everything that I could. On the other hand, I stand close crying cause I got no clue on what I am to you.

0274. When you accused me of not loving you, a silent tear fell from my eyes, the pain was too much I can’t help but cry. Cause if only you looked hard to see, loving you meant everything to me.

0275. I love you till the day I die, I love you till I breakdown and cry, I love you till I prove what’s damn true, that no one’s ever gonna love you like the way I do.

0276. You'll never know how much I'll miss you, you won't see it in my face. You'll never know I'll never find another that can take your place. Cause I'll be smiling when I see you. No, my tears won't ever show. Yeah, I might always love you but you won't ever know.

0277. Just like me, the water is transparent. You look my way but you don’t know I’m there, you don’t know how much I care for you. I try to make you see but all you do is look through me.

0278. How do you prepare a heart to be broken or dreams to fall through? How do you let go of a miracle that means everything to you? How do you walk away with tears in your eyes? Letting go isn't easy, just pray you'll survive.

0279. One day, I will be able to look at you in the eye without feeling the pain I’ve caused. One day, I will be able to stand next to you without wanting to hold your hand. One day, I’ll get over you. I’m sorry to say this, though, but that day will never come true.

0280. I’m always thinking about you. I often wonder whether you can tell these things that I’m feeling inside me. I keep them all to myself, scared to show my true emotions. I don’t want to love alone cause I’ve fallen so deep that you’ll never know how far I’ve gone.

0281. You wanna know what’s hard? It’s not when I don’t get to see you as often as I like, it’s not when I don’t think of you at night, it’s when I start loving you knowing that it’s not right.

0282. Do you know how much you’ve hurt me, how I felt when you ignored me, how much pain I had to hide, how many tears I’ve cried? I just have to ask you, all those times I’ve been loving you, why didn’t you tell me that you love me too?

0283. I asked you to love me and you simply wouldn't. I asked you to hold me and you absolutely couldn't. I asked you to talk to me and you said you shouldn't. You never really had time for me aside from when you broke my heart.

0284. I've been searching like everybody else but I can't see anything different about myself. Sometimes I'm an angel and sometimes I'm cruel. But when it comes to love, I'm just another fool.

0285. I'll have another chance, I'll find another guy, I'll see another day and I'll build another world. I'll find another life just like you told me to. I'll find another love but there will never be another you.

0286. Sometimes I look at you and wonder if you ever look at me. Sometimes I think of you and wonder if you ever think of me. Sometimes I remember how I fell in love with you and I wonder if you ever really loved me.

0287. I'm not a child anymore. I'm tall enough to reach for the stars and I'm old enough to love you from afar. Too trusting? Yes. But then, women usually are.

0288. I still remember that day you kissed me then walked away. You told me you have to go, you told me you can't stay. I was hurt so bad, I cried all night. What's the sense of living without you by my side?

0289. It wasn't easy to love and just let go. It wasn't easy to say I don't need you when I love you so. It wasn't that simple to close my eyes while you walked away. And it wasn't that easy to wish when I knew you won’t stay.

0290. I want to say I love you, I want to say I care, I want to hold you in my arms and just keep you there, I want to make you happy and I want to make you smile. But will she ever lend you to me, even just for a while?

0291. Sometimes, when you love a person so much, you’ll do anything just to make him yours. But sometimes you also have to hush and be quiet cause you see? He's already happy where he is right now.

0292. They say there is a reason, they say that time will heal. But neither time nor reason can change the way I feel. No one knows the heartache that hides behind my smile. No one knows how many times I've broken down and cried. I want to tell you something so there won't be any doubt. You're so wonderful to think of but so hard to live without.

0293. How come you have enough time to go out and make other girls fall in love with you but you don't have enough time to pay attention to the girl who already does?

0294. I'll never forget the times we once shared and I'll never forget how much you once cared. Now that it's over, I have one more thing to say. If I had a four-leaf clover, I'd wish for one more day.

0295. I'm not supposed to love you, I'm not supposed to care, I'm not supposed to live my life wishing you were there, I'm not supposed to wonder where you are or what you do and I'm not supposed to say this but I'm still in love with you.

0296. I would have chosen to be with you if the choice was mine to make. But you can make decisions too and you've decided you want this heart to break.

0297. When they dance, how she holds him and pulls him close while he dreams of another and counts the days until he lets her go. Same old story that everybody knows. One heart holding on and the other letting go.

0298. At night, when I fall fast asleep, I dream of a dream that I can't keep. Because no matter how much I wish it was true, destiny will not let me be with you.

0299. Forget the times he walked by. Forget the times he made you cry. Forget the times he spoke your name. Remember now, you're not the same. Forget the times he held your hand. Forget the sweet things if you can. Forget the times and don't pretend. Remember now, he's just your friend. 

0300. I'm gonna smile cause I wanna make you happy, laugh so you won't see me crying. I'm gonna let you go in style. And even if it kills me, I'm gonna smile.


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