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0301. Come to me before you say goodbye. Hold me close before I start to cry. I’ll miss you more than you’ll ever know. And all I ask is love from you before I let you go.

0302. Never say forever cause I know it isn’t real. It isn’t something lasting, it’s what you think you feel. If you mean forever, just tell me you will try. But never say forever cause forever makes me cry.

0303. Two teardrops were floating down the river. One teardrop said to the other, “I’m the teardrop of a girl who loved a man and lost him. Who are you?” The other replied, “I’m the teardrop of the man who regret letting a girl go.”

0304. I don’t want you to love me if loving me means you have to lie. I don’t want you beside me if you think you’re just obliged. I’d rather not have you if having you would mean I have to see you hurt inside.

0305. I remember, once, you wished upon a star that someone would love you as you are. Until now, you're still praying for that wish to come true. I guess you haven’t noticed I'm the one loving you.

0306. Perhaps the saddest but most lovable thing that could happen to you is when you're talking to your ex a day before his wedding and he tells you, "This could have been us."

0307. It breaks my heart to see the person I love happy with somebody else. But it would break my heart even more to see the person I love unhappy with me.

0308. You took me for granted but I didn't hate you, I loved you instead. You kept on hurting me till I asked, "How long will this last?" You answered, "Till you remember it's her I will love forever."

0309. All I could do is watch you from a distance and think of how much I want to be with you. And as you catch me staring at you, I turn away. Damn! It's really hard missing you this way.

0310. You broke somebody's heart today. You said you couldn't love her. You said you couldn't stay. There was nothing she could do. You were so unfair to leave her when she was fighting for you.

0311. Don't waste your time loving a person when you don't have plans to let him know anyway. It's selfish! You think love's wonder, you feel love's pain and the person you share it with doesn't even know it.

0312. The saddest word for me is “but”. I can't bear to hear it nor even look at it. It all started when you said: I care for you “but” I care for her more, I want you “but” I need her more, I love you “but” I love her more.

0313. I've forgotten my broken heart, I've forgotten the tears I cried, I've forgotten the pain in me and all the hurt inside. I've forgotten all of these and the hell I've been through. But despite everything, I still haven't forgotten you.

0314. When I found out that I'm falling in love with you, you know what I did? I just kept quiet. Why? Cause it would hurt me to see that the whole world's listening except you.

0315. Mistakes are part of life. They teach us that some things shouldn't be done again. However, mistakes can also lead us to a lifetime suffering. I know this is true for because of my mistake, I lost you.

0316. Up to where can you prove your love to someone? What will you do if your loved one asks you, "Do you really love me?" And then tells you, "If yes, can you set me free?"

0317. I've done the bravest thing in my life. I let go of someone I love so much. But as I did the bravest thing, I've never felt weaker. All I could do is breakdown, cry and wish that I was never that brave.

0318. When you say, "Leave me alone." I will stay. When you say, "I don't need you anymore." I will stay. When you say, "I don't love you anymore." I'll still stay. But this time, without you knowing.

0319. I have realized that he's just a guy. A great one, maybe. But he's not mine. I don't need to do things to make him love me cause if he really wanted to, he would.

0320. The truth is it's not the player who needs to be changed but the girl. Every player is in a mission to find that one girl who will make him lose the desire to play. So don't be worried about trying to change him. Be worried about whether or not you're that girl.

0321. If only promises could erase the past, I could open my heart enough to take you back. But we've been down this road time and time again and I've learned the hard way how the story always ends.

0322. The most painful part of missing someone is when all you can think of are the memories they left. Why? Cause that's the exact moment you will ask yourself, "Will those memories ever come back again?"

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