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Why is it sometimes we don't realize that we are so stupid? We love someone so much, we care for them & give them almost everything... but for all we know... iiwan din lang tayo sa huli.

Sa lahat ng pwedeng mahalin, bakit kaya ikaw pa? Ikaw na may mahal nang iba... nasasaktan lang ako eh... pero di kita masisisi... siguro mahal lang talaga kita. Ito lang ang tanong ko, sya ba, mahal ka nya?

Sabi ko suko na ko... sabi ko di na kita mahal... sabi ko di na kita kailangan... sabi ko masaya na ko... sabi ko yun! Pero sana yun din ang sinasabi at tinitibok ng puso ko...

When you're sad, I'm lonely... when you're happy, I'm glad... remember that whatever you feel, I feel it twice! So kung feel mo love mo ko... Hello?! Mas love kaya kita!

May mga bagay na masaya... pero corny... may mga bagay na corny... pero masaya... pero pag lagi kitang kasama... laging masaya! Corny noh? Pero masaya...

I fell for you & I know it's not right. That's why I tried to get over you, tried not to care, tried not to love you no more... but no matter what I do, every time you're near, I always say: "tangina, bahala na! Mahal talaga kita eh!"

Sayang... di ko sya binigyan na isa pang pagkakataon. Sayang... sinarado ko agad yung puso ko. Sayang... iniwan ko na lang sya ng basta. Akala ko kasi mahal mo ako... hindi pala!

Sabi nila, mahal daw kita kasi pangalan mo daw parati kong binabanggit. Parati daw akong masaya pag andyan ka. Sabi nila aminin ko na daw syo. Pero sabi ko, "saka na lang, pag mahal nya na din ako..."

Sabi nga nila, mahal mo daw ako. Lagi mo binabanggit ang pangalan ko. Pansin ko rin na masaya ka pag magkasama tayo. Sabi nga nila aaminin mo lang daw sa akin kapag mahal na rin kita. "mahal kita! Aamin ka na ba?"

Sabi nila kapag mahal mo ang isang tao matututo kang pakawalan sya. Kung sa'yo... sa'yo. Kung hindi... hindi. Pero paano mo iisiping pakawalan sya... Kung sya ang dahilan kung bakit ka nagmahal?!

Paano mo malalaman na mahal ka nya? Simple lang... Tumalon ka sa building at isigaw mo na mahal mo sya! At kapag di ka nya sinalo, huwag kang mag-alala. Ano bang silbi ko? Di ba taga-salo mo pag wala sya?

Malungkot ka, nag-joke ako... tawa ka, tawa ako. May problema ka, nag-joke ulit ako... tawa ka, tawa ako. Nagalit ka, joke pa rin ako... tawa ka, tawa ako. Sinabi kong mahal kita, akala mo joke... Tumawa ka... umiyak ako!

Good kaibigan remain in my alaala that time cannot bura. You're a friend w/ whom my buhay has been blessed. Kaya in my heart, ikaw ay forever cherished.

Remember nang mag-wish ka sa falling star? Sabi mo... sana may lubos na magmahal syo. 1 day after, sabi mo di ka na naniniwala sa falling star. Kung alam mo lang! Love na kita bago ka pa nag-wish.

Naiinis ako sa mundo! Ikaw na lang kasi ang laging iniisip ko! Ikaw ang laging inaalala! Kelan kaya mababaliktad ang mundo? Para ako naman... ako naman ang iisipin mo!

sa langit pag d ko nakita ang star ok lang. sa pagkain ko pag walang ulam, ok pa rin. pero... pagtingin ko sa cel ko at walang msg galign sayo, nakakamiss pala..

Sabi mo mahal mo ko. Sabi mo pa nga gusto mo maging tayo. Natuwa naman ako sa sinabi mo kasi matagal kong hinintay itong pagkakataon na ito! Sabi ko mahal din kita! Pero bigla kang tumawa at sinabi mo, "Naniwala ka?"

i laid in bed las nyt, lukn at d stars, d clear sky n d endles horizon & in that moment of tranquility, i tot 2 mself.."ang swerte k, sa laki ng univrse, nakakilala ty0"

i wudnt know wat il do if i lose u, i wudnt know wat 2 say if d day comes wen ud go away. tears wud fall nd my heart wud break but luving u wud nver b my mistake..

nung swit ka sakin kala k mahal m na k, nung lagi kang nasa tabi ko kla k mahal m n k, nang magusap tayo ngpasalamat ako sayo. may sasabihn pa dapat ak kya lng sabi mo: dats wat frnds r for.

u eased d pain wen i faked d wound, u calmed me dwn wen i faked d mood. u wer instantly der wen i faked d call, but y ddn't u catch me?i didnt fake d fall..

bcoz of u,i ate d tv while watchn pizza. i baked d dogs after feeding the cake.. and i switched off d bed wen i laid on my lyts.. dats how i go stupid, wn i'm missing u!

I need many things to help me live, but I need only you, to make life worth living.

It seems like nothing had happened until I had shared them with you.

They say nothing in the world is perfect but I know one exception, the joining of our two hearts.

To be in love is to be living a dream come true.

Love took me by the hand; love took me by surprise; love led me to you, and love opened up my eyes.

Sometimes when we touch.. The honesty's too much, and I have to close my eyes and hide. I want to hold you till I die, 'til we both break down and cry, I want to hold you till this fear in me subsides.

I've never felt I've done anything right in my whole life, until I fell in love, with you.

Now I know how the river feels, when it reaches the sea and finally finds the place it was always meant to be. Holding fast, home at last, knowing the journey is through. Laying here with you, I know how the river feels.

And even though I know how very far apart we are, it helps to think we might be wishing on the same bright star. And when the night winds start to sing a lonesome lullaby, it helps to think we're sleeping underneath the same big sky. Somewhere out there, if love can see us through then, we'll be together... somewhere out there, out where dreams, come true.

Don't cry, hold on, stay strong, and live to learn that life goes on.

it's hard to hold on to sumthing that you know would never b urs in any way you think of. you just just have to learn to let go and face d fact dat wyl good things never last, sum don't even start.

One day your life will flash before your eyes, make sure it's worth watching.

Do you ever wonder why I turn away when you look at me? Never wanting your eyes to see that this heart knows how perfect we could be.

wat u duin? me in propagatng a unicameral form of idiosyncrasy occuring malevolently in meritorious piece of clasterubial brain! in short "naaalala kta!" =)

juz lyk dat, u hv bcom a part of my lyf. juz lyk dat, u hv bcom spcial 2 me. juz lyk dat, u hv mde me hapi. so expect me to let u go, juz lyk dat!

evrybdy sed m crzy 4 luvn u,dey also sed m s2pd 2 fol 4 u knw wt i tld dem? "punyeta nmn eh! wala namang pakielamanan! mhal ko 2 eh!"

Love will die if held too tightly; love will fly if held too lightly.

Kay tagal kong tinago na mahal kita dahil alam ko mahal mo siya, pero kahit na.. sasabihin ko pa rin ang aking nadarama.. nakita na kita, nakangiti habang ika'y papalapit na, sabay hirit.. "uy, kami na"

Kunyari masaya ako, kunyari okey ako, kunyari wala ako problema, kunyari nasa langit ako.. okey lang bang isipin kong kunyari mahal mo din ako? kunyari lang naman e..

Paano mo malalaman kung mahal mo isang tao? Pag hinahanaphanap mo ba? Pag namimiss mo? -- cguro.. Pero mahal mo talaga kpag masaya ka basta masaya siya.. kahit sa piling ng iba..

it drives you crazy, it makes you mad, it makes you jealous, it makes you sad, it causes you sleepless nights, it even breaks your heart. come to think of it, is it healthy to fall in love?

Im afraid to love u coz u might not love me in return, im afraid to love u coz of fear that i'll be hurt before its through, im afraid to love u coz i might lose you the same way i lost the one i loved before u, but most of all, im afraid to love you coz i think i already do...

If only you know the effect you have on me. Your mere glance is more than enough to last for a day. I hope you don’t notice, I hope you don’t see..i can’t let you know that you’re the weakness in me.

days are empty when i don't hear from you. just a simple hello and my worries are through. why am i feeling like this? i think i have a clue... maybe because...i just miss you.

you're like my heart. one day, without you, i wouldn't be able to live. it's not being inlove that makes me happy. it's being in love with you that makes me complete.

kagabi, niyakap ko unan ko, tapos napanaginipan kita. sana mamaya, mapanaginipan ko yung unan ko, at ikaw naman ang kayakap ko. miss na kasi kita eh... sobra!

when you accused me of not loving you, a silent tear fell from my eyes. the pain was too much, i can't help but cry... cause if only you looked hard to see... loving you meant everything to me.

don't ever think that you can't call me when life gets really tough...or that i've forgoten what we used to have...or that i'm no longer here...cause i am...still here...always was...and always will be.

if one day you decide to give up on me, i'll understand. and if i remember you, i'd be grateful for the fact that in my life i got a taste of the best things life can offer...and it happened when i found you!

we can never say how far we would go and how long we'd stay together. all i know is that even if we'd be miles apart, you'd still be in my heart!

you may not know where life's road will lead you. but keep moving on. i can't promise to wait for youat the end of the road. one thing is for sure, look back and you'll find me walking just after you.